Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Would you gift a balding guy some hair?

Okay so my dad is going bald. He's been shaving his head for awhile now and wears hats....lots and lots of it's not as noticeable (or so he thinks). So being the night owl I am I stay up late sometimes watching TV and see these commercials for Bosley. So I did a little research and learned just how common this is for a man of his age sometimes younger.

This is NOT a picture of him but does look like the same balding pattern he has...and what I'm hoping for his results to be like as well.

Would it be wrong for me to gift him a starter kit for Bosley they have them on Amazon? Like I know balding bothers him and all but would it be rude for me to do this just trying to help him? I don't know any other people that are dealing with this that I could ask for advice so I'm reaching into the spider's web (world wide web) hoping not to get my hand stuck (get ignored). He also has a receding hair line which I read they also can fix....what would you do?

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