Monday, March 23, 2015

Table talk...

Well as the Blog Title and the post title suggests this blog will be well...gossip! Because that's normally what people do while sitting around a table or having a latte (or a glass of wine) in a cafe...right?

This one I would LOVE to get some stories shared with me as well. I'll my friend's parents are really going through it. I mean REALLY going through it. First she thought her dad was cheating on her mom but it turns out he's just naturally flirty but THEN her MOM started cheating (and I mean CHEATING) on her dad and was seen around town with this guy as well as caught on the phone with him by her dad at like 2am....2 AM!! That's like what high schooler's that like each other do right?! Anyway so her mom was on my friend's sister's phone line and her dad called her asking for the phone records and it showed that his suspicions were not just suspicions because there was not a time during the day that her mom and this guy weren't talking or texting. Well we're still waiting to see what comes from all of this and my friend is sitting at my house as I'm typing this and she doesn't mind me sharing I'm not spilling her business without her permission. (just in case you were wondering)

Well that's it in a nutshell and I will be waiting to hear some of your stories too. No judgment here!

Talk to you soon!

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