Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Here's some Wednesday tea for you....

So I have a crazy story to if the other story I shared wasn't crazy enough right. People around me are going INSANE these days...geez.

Okay so I have yet aNOTHER friend that is currently married to my husbands friend. Before they got married though she would come to my house and spend time with me and talk to me telling all about her life and stuff. Well she told me this one story about some man that she fell for but he had a woman that he was already in love with but she couldn't help liking him (or loving him) so she was what's known as a "sidepiece" no judgement at all... men have a tendency to lead women on when they should be unavailable anyway.

So we'll fast-forward to now...she is married and has been for about 6 months but apparently she was late to work one day recently because she was in the bathroom talking to this same guy and it caused an argument between her and her new husband in which they live in his parents house so she told his mom about what happened and his mom took her side and put herself in the mix. It was CRAZY. The thing is what was she talking about....does she still have feelings for this other guy? Is she still in love with him? Why was she in the bathroom hiding on the phone? Was the conversation so important that she had to be late for work? No one should have the ability to make you miss out on getting your money. I'm one of the most loyal people EVER and despise cheaters. So when it comes to things like this I am definitely against it. Anything that makes the other person question the other's loyalty, trustworthiness, etc....shouldn't be done.

Well I gave the very abridged version and will stop there otherwise I'd carry on for pages and pages.

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