Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How important is your relationship with your family?

So I have a question. If your parents are alive, how is your relationship with them? Do you treasure the connection you have with them? If you don't have a relationship with them, do you desire one?

Well I must say, I wish I had a better one with my mom. As a woman with a daughter it's hard to imagine doing some of the things she's done to me to my daughter. The crazy thing is I don't even blame her for the things that happened in my childhood but what I DO blame her for is not trying to fix things to make them better. I am not the only daughter she has and I'm not the only one that has a horrible relationship with her so I know it's not just me.

I've tried everything and nothing seems to work. Part of it is she won't admit there's a disconnect somewhere. She literally acts like nothing is going on and she is clueless to what I'm talking about. I recently had lunch with her and I swear I have deeper conversations with six-year-olds and they are easier to talk to than her. If you want to try to "fix" a strained relationship with your mother you can read this article that gives advice on where to start.

I just use it as a reminder as to how to treat my own daughter so I can break the cycle and make sure history doesn't repeat itself in this case. I hope if you are going through something similar with one of your parents you can do the same. Don't let it encompass your life and your emotions. Don't let it get you down and/or keep you down. Don't let it tarnish the relationships you have with others or the view of how a parent-to-child relationship should be. I'm hoping for you that you are able to try and I mean truly try to resolve the issue and once you've done that then you can throw in the towel. You can do so knowing that you've done everything you can to fix the issue and the situation is now out of your hands and in the hands of the other person.

If you aren't dealing with something like this be grateful. Be thankful that you have a parent that shows you your worth and how much they love and adore you. Be thankful that you don't have to go through life seeking someone to replace the spot that should be filled by your parent. Go to your parent and thank them for being more than just your portal into this lifetime.

Blessings and Positive energy to you all.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Devious Maids

Do you watch Devious Maids on Lifetime?? It comes on Monday nights and is in it's third season and if you don't you are missing out. I absolutely LOVE this series. It's a light hearted one about a group of maids and the families they work for. The rich families are constantly in some sort of drama, or involved with some scandal like a mysterious murder. I think part of why I love it is because even though they are dealing with murders which in itself isn't at all light hearted or fun, the show does very well at keeping the topic from weighing heavy on the comedy and fun of the show. (I hope that made sense, it did to me lol)

Okay so this Season (the second episode of Season 3 aired last night) focuses on one of the maids finding out she's pregnant but she has a 20 year old daughter who last season fell in love with her longtime boss's son. Well last night they approached the maid mom (who hasn't told the daughter she's pregnant) with the news of their engagement. She is absolutely outraged at the idea because her daughter is so young. Later on in the episode the maid gets proposed to by the man who THINKS he is the father to her unborn child. This is AFTER she has already fussed at her daughter for wanted to get married. So she goes to her daughter and recants on her fussing while telling the daughter she is getting married and blurts out she's pregnant. The daughter gets upset and says she will never support the decision. There are other stories surrounding the other maids in the group that I won't give away in case you haven't seen it, and if you haven't you should definitely check it out.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Meditate to heal the mind, body and soul

Did you know, regardless of your religious beliefs, meditation has been scientifically proven to enhance overall health and well-being?

Most don't know this fact, so are missing out on all of the benefits of it. Some of the proven benefits are:

  • Increased focus
  • Increased immunity
  • Decreased chance of depression
  • Decreased chance of anxiety
  • Helps prevent emotional eating
  • Improves resilience against pain
  • Enhances self-esteem
  • Increases memory retention
  • Better creative thinking
  • Lessens heart and brain problems
  • Improves breathing and heart rate
  • Reduces blood pressure
There have even been accounts of monks that have been found naturally mummified and experts are claiming they aren't dead but actually in the highest of meditation states. An example of one is below. This body is said to be a 200 year old mummified monk. The headline reads:

"200-Year-Old Mummified Monk Not Dead, Just Meditating, Buddhism Expert Claims"

I started meditating about a year and a half ago and though I went a while not meditating (forgot to take time for myself which in a busy life as a wife and a mother will sometimes make you do) I can definitely tell the difference between how I feel mentally, physically and even spiritually from when I am meditating on a regular basis versus when I'm not. 

But don't take it from me, try for yourself and see how AMAZING you feel. Then you can come back and thank me later. If you have no idea what the first thing about meditating is there are multiple online guides. You can check out How to Meditate for Beginners here. Oh and don't worry, it's impossible for us commoners to reach the level these monks supposedly have, so you're safe. :-)

Good luck and happy meditating! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fighting at Chuck E' Cheese...what a shame

So here's another messy story for you all.

There was a birthday party for a 2 year old at Chuck E' Cheese. During which 2 sisters that don't get along saw each other and one attacked the other. It started in a playful (so people thought) way but turned very violent in a short period of time. The attacker choked then punched the other and then acted like nothing happened. Isn't that insane?!

The cops were involved and the attacker got arrested because there was evidence on the victim of assault (her eye was swollen and her nose bleeding, she also had scratches on her neck).  The attacker has an in home daycare and something like this could potentially cause her to lose her license.

Apparently when the police went to the attacker's home (at 1:30 am) she admitted to choking the other but said she didn't punch her. This admission of guilt to one act but not the other didn't help her case because she put her hands on someone else and caused them obvious harm.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Would you gift a balding guy some hair?

Okay so my dad is going bald. He's been shaving his head for awhile now and wears hats....lots and lots of it's not as noticeable (or so he thinks). So being the night owl I am I stay up late sometimes watching TV and see these commercials for Bosley. So I did a little research and learned just how common this is for a man of his age sometimes younger.

This is NOT a picture of him but does look like the same balding pattern he has...and what I'm hoping for his results to be like as well.

Would it be wrong for me to gift him a starter kit for Bosley they have them on Amazon? Like I know balding bothers him and all but would it be rude for me to do this just trying to help him? I don't know any other people that are dealing with this that I could ask for advice so I'm reaching into the spider's web (world wide web) hoping not to get my hand stuck (get ignored). He also has a receding hair line which I read they also can fix....what would you do?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Angelina Jolie Pitt brave decision for her health

Well I'm sure if you read anything about celebrities that you've heard about Angelina's preventative surgeries that she's had which include, a double mastectomy, and a removal of her ovaries. This was all after finding signs of possibly having cancer in her future.

For some women these parts are all things that define a woman but to some we know that we as women are much more than just that. So in my eyes she's very smart and brave for having these surgeries. Because even without these body parts she is still as beautiful as before. Also I've read that her husband Brad Pitt is as supportive as can be in this time which makes this story even more amazing.

This is one of the reasons it's extremely important to stay ahead of the game and have constant knowledge of the health information on you that your doctors have. This way you can make decisions as necessary just as Jolie Pitts did. Good luck to her and I hope her health stays good.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Here's some Wednesday tea for you....

So I have a crazy story to if the other story I shared wasn't crazy enough right. People around me are going INSANE these days...geez.

Okay so I have yet aNOTHER friend that is currently married to my husbands friend. Before they got married though she would come to my house and spend time with me and talk to me telling all about her life and stuff. Well she told me this one story about some man that she fell for but he had a woman that he was already in love with but she couldn't help liking him (or loving him) so she was what's known as a "sidepiece" no judgement at all... men have a tendency to lead women on when they should be unavailable anyway.

So we'll fast-forward to now...she is married and has been for about 6 months but apparently she was late to work one day recently because she was in the bathroom talking to this same guy and it caused an argument between her and her new husband in which they live in his parents house so she told his mom about what happened and his mom took her side and put herself in the mix. It was CRAZY. The thing is what was she talking about....does she still have feelings for this other guy? Is she still in love with him? Why was she in the bathroom hiding on the phone? Was the conversation so important that she had to be late for work? No one should have the ability to make you miss out on getting your money. I'm one of the most loyal people EVER and despise cheaters. So when it comes to things like this I am definitely against it. Anything that makes the other person question the other's loyalty, trustworthiness, etc....shouldn't be done.

Well I gave the very abridged version and will stop there otherwise I'd carry on for pages and pages.